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The unsupported personal payday loan is a fixed rate loan that will allow you to have an amount up to 75 000 € and to be repaid within 5 years. The payment of the sum is made in one go. The unsupported personal payday loan exists to allow all projects to materialize.


What can he finance?

What can he finance?

In reality, the personal payday loan without proof can finance everything. You can dispose of the funds freely paid, without justifying any purchase, hence his name of personal payday loan without proof.

This loan is in opposition to the credit allocated. The assigned credit is directly related to the purchase of a property: The amount paid depends on the amount of the planned purchase and is only reserved for this purchase. The Beneficiary is also required to provide supporting documents (upstream quotations and after invoice) to the credit institution. In the context of a personal payday loan without supporting documents, the user is much freer.

There are for example personal work loans, personal auto loans, personal leisure loans, and personal cash loans. Here, the unsupported personal payday loan allows you to spend the money paid as you see fit. We can imagine that we want to dedicate this money to several uses or consider using it to deal with an unforeseen event, which is often the case.


What conditions must be fulfilled?

loan conditions

Any lending institution, when applying for a credit, makes an assessment of the solvency of the applicants. In order to prove your ability to repay, you will need to communicate your personal information to the organization:

  • Show that you have a stable job (the organization will be interested in your job but also in your seniority)
  • Provide proof of your income (with your last 3 payslips, but also proof of other possible income)
  • Give visibility on your purchasing behavior (thanks to the bank statement of your last 3 months, the organization to get an idea of ​​your expenses and your actions)
  • Allow the organization to study your savings capacity by giving you visibility on your fixed costs
  • In addition, the credit agency will verify that you are not stuck at the Bank of France (it is extremely difficult to obtain an interesting credit if one is prohibited banking).

To ensure that you obtain a loan in the best possible conditions, it is recommended to contact several bank loan organizations and even go for one or more online simulation (s). You should know that rates can vary a lot depending on the organization.

Good to know: Care must be taken that the amount of the sum to be repaid does not exceed one third of the total income.
To obtain an offer ideally adapted to your needs, it will be important to provide supporting documents related to your ability to repay and not the use of funds of course (pay slip, proof of address, tax sheet, etc.).

After acceptance of the file, the money will be paid into the beneficiary’s account in 48 hours. Although this period is very interesting, it is important to take good time before subscribing to a personal payday loan without proof to ensure its ability to repay the whole without payment incident. To help you, many personal payday loan comparators are available on the web.


What happens in case of refusal?

loan refusal

If your request is rejected, it is still possible for you to appeal to the CNIL (National Commission for Informatics and Liberties) who will be able to take stock of your situation. The CNIL begins by asking the credit agency that refused your request by asking for your score. When assessing the solvency of an applicant, the body requested must note the file it has in hand according to a common evaluation grid (solvency, risk, profitability, etc.).

After retrieving its information, the CNIL will also consult the FICP (Personal Credit Reimbursement Incident File). According to all its information, it is the CNIL that will decide whether or not you have a loan.


In conclusion :

money loan

A personal payday loan without proof includes many advantages: A very free use of funds without justification, a total financing without obligation of contribution, conditions easily negotiable (date of sampling, management of the monthly payments, suspension of payment of 3 months, prepayment – partial or total), a quick implementation and a fixed and guaranteed rate.

The main and only real disadvantage lies in the fact that, if you intend to mainly dedicate this loan to a specific purchase, know that in the event that the purchase is not made the loan will still take place. You will not be able to go back. The same applies if the property purchased proves to be defective. If this inconvenience is unacceptable, you will be advised to inquire about the credit assigned.


In addition :

loan money

Any request for credit generates file fees that correspond to the study of your request. So, be aware that a file well prepared in advance can lead to a decrease in the fees. To do this, we will advise you first to inquire about the amount of fees before asking what will be the reduction possible if you prepare the file upstream. Depending on the response of your interlocutor, you will know what to do. top

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